[hackeroid] hscool Entrance Examination -- 98

This is the translation of Entrance Examination to the Civil Hackers' School at September, 13, the year of 1999. Those of you, who want to skip decryption stage, can start solvation by clicking here.

Arvi the Hacker

                          Entrance Examination
                        To Civil Hackers' School
                         (The Year Of  1998/99)

   1. Wuohtit ugase of ertxa mromey (velbairas, ayarrs, scatk,..)
cgnahe veulas of two iegetnr velbairas, X and Y.  You can use olny
anemngisst stnemetats, aacitemhtirl and lacigol onoitareps, sradnatd
fnoitcnus, a pceie of cseehe.

   1*. Do the smae, uniesg olny anemngisst stnemetats and olny one

   2. Tuvqje Tfshfbou xbt ubvhiu (ju uppl b hsfbu efbm pg uspvcmf pwfs
ju) up sfnfncfs gjwf joufhfs ovncfst (Y, Z, O, M, N boe E), jodsfnfou
boe efdsfnfou uifn cz pof boe ipx up xsjuf epxo ovncfs O po uif difdlfe
qbqfs jo spx Z, dpmvno Y.  Qsfqbsf efubjmfe jotusvdujpo gps Tuvqje
Tfshfbou, cz fyfdvujpo xijdi if xjmm qvu gjstu ivoesfe opo-ofhbujwf
ovncfst jo b tqjsbm tibqf:

                      20 21 22 23 24 25
                      19  6  7  8  9 26
                      18  5  0  1 10 ..
                      17  4  3  2 11
                      16 15 14 13 12

   2*. Nblf uif tbnf gps Tvqfstuvqje Tfshfbou, uibu lopx ipx up xsjuf
epxo jo dfmmt pomz ejhjut.

   3. Tnzr cebtenz (nzbat nyy) bhgchgf gevnatyr -- pybja'f pnc.  Lbh zhfg
penpx vg ol gheavat gevnatyr ol 15 qrterrf pbhagre-pybpxjvfr nebhaq vgf
ybjre yrsg pbeare (envfr pybja'f pnc va terrgvat).  Nsgre qrgnvyrq
pbqr vafcrpgvba lbh svaq yvarf, gung bhgchg, nf lbh fhccbfr, gevnatyr:

560 PVEPYR (100,300),50
570 YVAR ( 50, 250)-(150, 250)
580 YVAR (150, 250)-(100, 200)
590 YVAR (100, 200)-( 50, 250)

   Jung naq gb jung lbh zhfg punatr?

   For those, who will take up third task, we remind some knowledge from
school geometry course:

   COSINE of  a c u t e   a n g l e  in right-angled triangle -- ratio of
cathetus, adjoining this angle, to hypotenuse.  Symbol: cos.

   SINE of  a c u t e   a n g l e  in right-angled triangle -- ratio of
cathetus, opposite to this angle, to hypotenuse.  Symbol: sin.

   Those ratios are constant to different triangles and depends only on
angle.  For pupils with only the lowest mark "two" in their records to
mention, hypotenuse is the side of right-angled triangle, opposite to
the right angle.  Computer measures angles in radians.  360 degrees are
equal to 2 pi (2*3.1415926=6.2831852) radians.

   Time for all three problems -- three hours.  Problems are printed in
order of increased complexity.  Questioning to people, that conduct the
examination, is forbidden.


E-mail: hscool@netclub.ru